Juan M. Martinez

May 31, 1955-May 15, 2012


Juan M. Martinez, 57, passed away on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, at his home in Muldrow. He was born in Cuba on May 31, 1955.

A fund was set up at Armstrong Bank for the services. Thanks to the generous donations that were received from friends and Agent-Mallory-Martin Funeral Home, Juan will rest in peace at Blackjack Cemetery.

Services will be at 10 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012, officiated by Charles Sparkman.

The donations went towards a headstone, transport cost, cremation and obituaries, two in total. Juan would be so proud of all of his friends coming together to do this for him, because he was use to doing for them and treating them like family.

Juan never had any children of his own, but they loved him, and he was always helping them fix bikes or a swing set. As they grew he would fix a flat tire or detail a car, for a birthday or graduation present (now those kids have kids of their own). Juan was a plain and simple nice guy. He loved to ride his bike. He must have after his car gave out. He took up bicycling and never had a desire for a car. So he said.

He loved a steak dinner on Sundays. You could tell by the way he would say, “ummm, this is good steak!” “I like, I do, I do!”

It was also plain to see he took pride in his work as a gardener and landscaper. Juan loved baseball. Back in the day he was on a team with several people from Muldrow. He loved playing Bingo and going to the casino.

Juan was loved and will be missed, but not forgotten. Thanks again to all who made it possible for Juan to make it home.

The Jacque Ward Family and the Sherri Matlock family.