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Time for a shopping spree - Sequoyah County Times: Columnist Dianna Dandridge

Time for a shopping spree

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Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 10:13 am

The sales fall catalogue from my very favorite store arrived this week.

I could look at the specialty items for hours.

It’s probably the only sales catalogue I will look at three or four times, put aside and then go back and look at everything all over again.

And it arrived just in time for my Christmas wish list.

Unfortunately, the closest stores are in Oklahoma City and McKinney, Texas. There is one in Amarillo that I am just crazy about; but, I don’t get there often these days.

Ya’ll must remember I am not a shopper.

I used to take my mother shopping and have claustrophobic panic attacks with all those people crammed into those huge shopping malls.

I promise you it felt like there was absolutely no air whatsoever in that mall. Wall-to-wall people milling through racks and merchandise stands. More than once some sales clerk would ask me if I was alright as I stood gasping for air.

“Just let me get outside,” I would say and I would be alright.

I would often leave Mama at the mall and tell her to call me when she was ready to leave.

I would meet her at any door she chose, just so long as I didn’t have to go inside.

My idea of shopping is going into a store, knowing exactly where the item I want is located, picking it up, checking out and getting out of the store before anyone realizes I was there – hopefully when few shoppers are out and about.

Maybe that’s why I like catalogue shopping. I can look at all the pretties and not have to deal with the crowds and all that gets on my nerves.

At any rate, let’s get back to the sales catalogue.

It came scrunched in between someone wanting to me to purchase a funeral, the latest television cable gimmick and the monthly bank statement.

I delayed going back to work just for my first peek at this prized catalogue.

Of course the front cover had a little bit of everything on it. Surely, the inside would be even more interesting.

It would be nice to have one of those, my mind said as I was glancing at the featured items.

I’ve got an empty place in my living room where I could put one of those.

Maybe my best friend would like one of those.

Alas, work was calling and I needed to get out of the catalogue and back to reality, after all those sales catalogues are simply published wish lists.

That evening, barn chores, feeding chores, and yard work claimed my attention and I still didn’t get to look all the way through the catalogue.

Finally, supper dishes were washed, the dogs were fed and I could sit and look and dream about the day I when could afford to do more than catalogue shopping.

Yes, I could find something for nearly anyone on my shopping list in the pages of that catalogue.

Yes, even that hard-to-shop-for daughter would like one of those picture frames.

The son would enjoy the leather-working tool kit.

The girly-girl daughter would like those feathery earrings.

Hmmm! One catalogue, one shopping spree and Christmas shopping could all be done.

There is even something in there for my best friend. Matter of fact, there’s more stuff in there for him than for the people on my shopping list.

You see, my favorite catalogue comes from a tack shop and has some of the most amazing horse stuff imaginable.

Then I opened the bank statement that came scrunched in with my catalogue.

It looks like I may have to delay that shopping spree. It seems I haven’t moved past the champagne tastes and the beer budget.

Dream on, big spender!

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