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The budget - Sequoyah County Times: Letters To The Editor

The budget

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Posted: Friday, August 3, 2012 12:10 pm

Dear Editor:

There is a big fight going on in Washington about cutting the military budget. Dick Cheney flew in to support military contractors. Republicans, who don’t care about jobs here in America, are pulling out all the stops for military spending. They want to give the Defense Department even more money than they asked for.

The United States spends about as much on our military as the rest of the world combined. We have furnished our military to the world, while Europe has built their infrastructure. It is far superior to our roads, bridges, airports and public transportation.

We have taken on a lot of France’s military expenses while they were lowering their retirement age from 62 to 60. Republicans want us to spend more on the military and raise our retirement age from 65 to 70!

Because we have brought our soldiers home from Iraq, taken out bin-Laden, and destroyed most of al-Qaeda’s leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan, we don’t need as much money to spend on our military.

The Defense Department is adjusting to the kind of wars we are fighting now, and unmanned drones. They asked for $600 billion. This is back to 2006 spending levels. Republicans were outraged.

A recent storm took down our nation’s electric grid, which is extremely substandard. Over 70 people died in the states where electricity was out for a week. Tons of food were lost because there was no refrigeration. We spent $93 million on Iraq’s electrical grid and backup generators and never got paid back.

While America’s infrastructure is falling apart, we are providing electrical grids in Afghanistan right now.

We have rebuilt Iraq’s infrastructure, roads and bridges while ours are crumbling. A bridge in Minneapolis collapsed with traffic on it, and 14 people died. There are 900 dangerous bridges in the U.S.

Let’s nation build here in America for a change!

Tell your congressman that you’re hep to their games, and you’re not going to take it anymore.

Each American soldier stationed overseas costs U.S. taxpayers $1 million a year. That would provide 20, $50,000 jobs to rebuild America. Fixing American roads, bridges, and public transportation can’t be outsourced. It will help America and Americans.

We need to pass the “Bring Our Jobs Home Bill,” and overcome the Republican filibusters and put in policies that will help America and Americans.

Charity begins at home.


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