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Bennett on healthcare - Sequoyah County Times: Letters To The Editor

Bennett on healthcare

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Posted: Friday, August 31, 2012 1:04 pm

Dear Editor:

In regard to Bennett or health care, I would offer Bennett or Obamacare is more accurate.

The things described in the letter are good things and would be wonderful if we had the money to pay for it. We do not. “The government” who will pay for that is actually myself and other taxpayers, so the argument that Obamacare pays for that relatively small portion of the population who can afford insurance but who refuse to buy it holds no water because we pay for it either way, though taxes.

“The government” has not one thin dime not paid to it in taxes. I don’t know about Mr. Phillips, but I am tapped. The country is tapped. We are approaching 16 TRILLION dollars in debt, and Obamacare is going to add to that debt. I don’t like that independent commission it calls for that will decide on health care issues and that should be OUR choice, not some commission. That is a simple fact.

Romney and Ryan say they will repeal it and replace it with something sustainable. I believe them. I do not believe anything that comes from the Obama administration anymore. He promised the most transparent administration in history and it is the murkiest, not the least of which is executive privilege to stop us from knowing the truth about Fast and Furious, and people, a man DIED because of that. Maybe that does not matter to some of you, but if Brian Terry was YOUR son, I think it might.

It is time for a real CHANGE that I can BELIEVE in. I did not vote for Obama, but being an Independent I was willing to give him a chance. All his administration has accomplished is a trail of broken promises, has spent more money and added more to the debt that all the presidents before him combined, and a country more seriously divided than ever before. It is not smart to throw good money after bad, to be frank.

So I will be voting for Mr. Bennett in hopes of getting back the America I once knew that Barack Obama has tried his best to change to a European-style country. I don’t want that; I want the America envisioned by the founding fathers, not the one envisioned by Barack Obama. No offense to Mr. Agent, he is a fine man; however, Mr. Bennett represents what I want for this country.

Just my humble opinion.


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