Dear Editor:

America is not so broke as the corporate media want us to believe. We just have a lot of uncollected debt. Thirty years of Republican tax cuts for the rich and deregulations — especially since 2000 — have made it difficult to prosecute the banks. Our government is pursuing justice, anyway!

This administration has gone after the banksters just like our government went after the Mafia decades ago — going after lower tier bankers who are caught committing crimes, then they build cases up the ladder to the top.

One of the first cases was a banker with the United Bank of Switzerland who got caught smuggling blood diamonds from Africa, and turned state’s evidence against the bank. UBS released thousands of its 52,000 American accounts and paid a $780 million fine for enabling U.S. tax dodgers.

There are 900 offshore tax havens. So far, $21T has been found in accounts of the super rich. They thought their money was hidden from the people they stole it from, people they owe, and U.S. taxes.

The information in business publications, including Rupert Murdock’s own Wall Street Journal, and on the so-called news that the American people get to hear are as different as day and night. Stop quoting the stupid lies that you hear on Rupert Murdock’s FOX news, people. Start reading what Rupert Murdock has to say in his Wall Street Journal.

Finally, the truth is coming out in publications that the American people actually read. The September 2012 issue of “The Trumpet” has an article titled, “The Death of Anglo-American Banking” by Macdonald and Morley. I quote, “Modern international bankers form a class of thieves, the likes of which the world has never known … (they) pillage with destructive abandon unfettered by law or conscience on a scale that almost impossible to comprehend.”

The article said this banking corruption started 30 years ago, and it did. Republican Ronald Reagan and Conservative Margaret Thatcher were put into power by big money so they could extract even more money from working people, unfettered by law because Republicans told us Wall Street and big business didn’t need those Communist, Socialist laws and regulations.

Newt and Mitt’s billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, says he will spend as much money as necessary to elect Republicans. His butt is on the line. Against the advice of his executives, Sheldon paid a Chinese official $700,000 in 2008 when he almost lost his casino in Macau.

Sheldon is facing charges of bribery and money laundering. Rupert Murdock stands alone at the top as his executives have gone to prison, and his top executive Rebekah Brooks was charged and arrested a few weeks ago.

Both Sheldon and Rupert face possible criminal charges under the American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. That’s why they are giving millions to the Republican Party. What’s your motivation?