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Sanity and propaganda - Sequoyah County Times: Letters To The Editor

Sanity and propaganda

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Posted: Friday, September 7, 2012 12:08 pm

Dear Editor:

I commend you, Ms. (Marsha) Glenn, for still being of sound mind after the barrage of Republican propaganda we’ve had thrown at us for years. You’ve been deliberately given false information, but it hasn’t warped your mind like it has many others. You realize that we need both spending cuts and tax revenue!

Elections can’t save us; just a tiny minority of Republicans left in the Senate shut our government down. But the truth can save us. That’s why the Republican Party and their billionaires have poured so many resources into hiding the truth from us for many years. Elections can’t save us — I repeat — but the truth can.

In 1987, Reagan got rid of the 1949 Fairness Doctrine, which required broadcasters to give equal time to both sides. If you wonder how America got so crazy, this is it. Being able to get out the only message that the American people get to hear was very valuable to right wing billionaires like Adolph Coors and Rupert Murdoch, who didn’t think they got to make enough money.

Corporations and right wing billionaires own it all! It’s not fair and balanced anywhere, much less the crazy guys on Fox.

Mitt’s small business ad guy is Jack Gilchrest. He forgot to tell you that they did get a little government help in their business, Ms. (Mary Ann) Cosner. They got government subsidized loans. One for $800,000, and another for over $500,000. I wouldn’t have forgotten that much money. Would you?

The secret money behind “the government spending and debt is “piling up” ads was exposed. He is the billionaire owner of the Chicago Bears, Joe Ricketts. He was waiting for another government check for millions to renovate his sports stadium.

Mitt says that government can’t create jobs, but thanks to Republican special deals for the rich, he and Bain Capital got hundreds of millions of dollars in government subsidies in the tax code that enabled — and still enables — the wealthy to siphon money out of America and park it overseas, not creating value for America. Special rich people get to escape any American taxes for years. These are the real government welfare queens!

When we were young, America truly was great and free because of — and not in spite of — the regulations President Roosevelt put in to protect us from Wall Street and big business after they caused the Great Depression.

We were safe for many decades until Reagan came into office in 1981 and started taking them down, saying regulations were communist and socialist. Reality flew out the window, and Republicans changed the rules of arithmetic. He took out debt from 900 billion to 2.6 trillion dollars, sent out high-paying manufacturing jobs to other countries and turned corporate raiders — like Romney loose to take over American companies — to adjust for inflation.

Reagan tripled our debt. Tax cuts for the rich and military spending pay for themselves, according to Republicans, but everything costs money, and we can’t afford it.


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