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A Few of My Favorite Things

Chayote Squash is in season, but how many have even heard of it, let alone cooked with it? Chayote is a member of the gourd family and botanically a fruit. This pear shaped squash grows on a vine and is called a vegetable pear due to the general shape and pale green pear-like color and because, although it is a fruit, it is most often prepared as a vegetable. It also has the crunchy texture of unripe pear. However, it has a mild, almost cucumber-like flavor. Another plus for anyone interested, the entire plant is edible. Feel free to make a salad out of the vines, leaves and even the flowers. The seed is soft and some people just slice it right along with the flesh and cook the whole thing.

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Cherokee Nation makes strategic plan to reopen government offices and businesses

In light of the worst public health crisis in generations, we have used medical science, facts and compassion as our guide. Throughout this crisis, our decision making has been guided by Cherokee Nation health experts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Based on this guidance, limiting access to government headquarters and temporarily shutting our businesses was the right thing to do.

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Team roping handicap

The sport (passion, or affliction) of team roping experienced a terrific boom in popularity years ago with the creation of an association called United States Team Roping Championships (USTRC). It established a classification system based on the roper’s skill. It is comparable to the handicapping system used in golf. The result is that ropers are able to compete with others of ‘equal ability’ therefore increasing their chances of winning. As a roper improves, his USTRC number increases.

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Between what can be seen and what must be feared, between what lives and what never dies, between the light of truth and the darkness of evil, lies the future of terror – MURDER HORNETS!


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