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A new reality

When the coronavirus first reared its ugly head, much of the country called it a hoax and conspiracy theorists claimed it was a plot to make the president look bad. How things have changed.

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Weathering the viral onslaught

Over the years Billie and I have been “Weather Quarantined” a number of times. We have been heated in in Phoenix, days of 114-115 degrees barely inching down into the 90’s at night. We have been snowed in in Flagstaff, 49” snowstorm followed by 2”-3” flurries. We have been iced in in Eastern Oklahoma with the breaking of limbs sounding like small arms fire.

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Oh my! Things changed so much in the last couple weeks or so. The state made the announcement last week schools were to shut down for the rest of the year and move to distanced learning to finish the year. The schools are doing what they can to alleviate the kids from going hungry by running bus routes to deliver breakfast and lunch and setting up locations where the food can be picked up. This is a great program, but it’s not reaching everyone. Reach out to anyone you know so the kids that truly need it can get the food they need. If they don’t get the food from the school and the parents can’t afford it, these kids learning will be severely impacted.


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