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A Few of My Favorite Things

All county schools are back in session or will be soon. Let’s be honest, this year NOTHING has been on schedule or as planned so by the time this is printed, it may not be true anymore. I don’t know about anyone else’s kids, but the kids in my life all demand Katina Holland snacks as soon as the school Special to Your day is over. I mean they are so hungry like they haven’t eaten all day-kids can be so dramatic sometimes. With today’s options being full of dyes, artificial flavors and sugars kids don’t really need, I thought it would be a great time to include some easy after school snacks you can make on the weekend and have on hand all week (or all month) long.

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Commemorating a tumultuous and resolute first year in office

One year ago, Deputy Principal Chief Bryan Warner and I took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Cherokee Nation Constitution. We pledged to promote the culture, heritage and traditions of our people. In my inaugural address, I predicted Cherokee Nation that the strength of our Principal Chief democracy would continue to grow, because the things that unite us are far more powerful than those that divide us.


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