Are we failing to prepare

At a meeting of the Sallisaw City Council this week there was much discussion about the location of a proposed splash pad. The splash pad has been in the works for a long time and will be paid for in part by a grant covering 37 or 50 percent of the cost, depending on whether it recirculates the water.

I was surprised that the whole process wasn’t further along. I was surprised the location was not even locked down.

But this gives us a good opportunity to make sure its location fits in with the city’s plan.

What city plan you ask?


I have not heard of one that could give us a path for building out the city in a logical fashion. One problem is we do not have fast enough growth to feel like we need a plan. I would counter that we do not have the money to make any mistakes due to a lack of planning.

For example, putting the splash pad next to the city swimming pool sounds like a great idea, but what about the life span of the pool? We have been told for 10 years that the pool is beyond its life span and needs to be replaced.

I do not doubt that it needs to be replaced or at least heavily renovated. The problem is the pool keeps working and we do not live in a community that replaces things that still work. It will have to fail, thereby creating an emergency and then a campaign to replace it. It is likely that once the pool fails we will miss a summer of swimming trying to get a new one.

Let’s hope the candidates we elect next week are interested in planning. The best version of our community depends on it. Be sure to vote on Tuesday!

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