Resisting the urge

I'm sure most of you have overheard conversations that just made you go “Whaaaat?

It may be something you've heard talked about before, but, somehow, it just seems stranger hearing it in person.

It just so happens I walked into a store (I won't say which one) the other day and this older man was having a conversation with the two young people running the store.

When I entered, it was just about the time this older man was talking about the “fake” moon landing, and the girl talking to him said something to the effect, “Yeah, you know that picture they always show of the earth taken from the moon? You ever notice that the cloud cover never changes any time they show that photo?

As I casually look around the store, my brain is making up responses to some of these statements. For that one in particular all I could think of is, “Hey, it's a photograph. It's a still photograph. It's the same photo they show every time. That's why the cloud cover doesn't change.”

Then the conversation went to whether or not the universe was as big as what scientists say it is, and if it is that big, we couldn't possibly be the center of the universe. My thoughts: we could be the center of the universe. We don't know. We do know (if you are to believe the scientists) that we are not the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We live on one of its spiral arms.

The older man said, “You know that show Ancient Aliens? They say on there that aliens built the Pyramids. No aliens have been here. The truth is these people called the Watchers came down from Heaven. They had knowledge and technology and they're the ones that built the Pyramids.”

I had heard of the Watchers, but I'm not sure why they came down from Heaven. I found myself, saying to myself, aliens don't exist, but we have Watchers that came down from Heaven. From what I've been told, thousands of people built those Pyramids (the aliens may have given them directions).

I found myself trying to glance over at these folks in a nonchalant manner just to see how seriously they were about this stuff, and they kept drifting from the universe, to aliens, to fake moon landings, and Watchers. It was kind of like those conversations you see on Facebook where people start out talking about how beautiful butterflies are and end up with someone saying Obama sucks.

As the conversation was coming to a close, I felt a mean streak come over me and had the urge to walk over and say, “You know what? I heard that if you drive about 175 miles straight west you'll fall off the earth.” However, you'll be happy to know I resisted the urge.

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