Letters to the Editor 05-25

Floyd reunion

Dear Editor:

Descendants of Walter and Mamie Floyd will hold their bi-annual family reunion on Saturday at the Sallisaw First United Methodist Church.

Walter and Mamie (Echols) Floyd were born and raised in Georgia. They moved to Indian Territory in the early 1900s and had eight children: Bradley Floyd, Ruth Floyd Wofford, Ruby Floyd Spear, Charlie Floyd, Emma Floyd Lessley, E.W. Floyd and Mary Floyd Lattimore Carlton. One son, Chester, died in infancy.

The family settled in the Akins-Hanson area. The children married, raised children and lived as law-abiding people. All except Charlie Floyd, later dubbed “Pretty Boy” by the news media. He drifted into a life of crime and years later was designated Public Enemy No. 1 by the FBI. He was killed in 1934 in Ohio and buried in the Akins cemetery, along with his mother and other family members.

The family doesn’t condone or celebrate his wrongdoings. They celebrate his memory along with the other children who became hard-working, solid citizens. One brother, E.W., became sheriff of Sequoyah County in the 1940s and 50s.

Saturday 100-plus Floyd descendants will meet and greet each other as they celebrate their Floyd ancestry, whether good or bad.

Jack Wofford, Sallisaw


Kids today

Dear Editor:

With all these school shootings you hear folks say, 'what is coming over these kids today?' Well, just look at what has changed in the last 60 to 70 years. When I went to school our day started with a prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

Boy's carried pocket knives to school and played mumble peg at recess. If they were a problem it was worked out between their selves. Either wrestling or with fists and it was over, and you learned from it.

Boys hunted and built forts or explored or played army. They didn't sit in front of TV or sit and play with a gadget all the day long. You would see them hustling work or trying to find lawns to mow or riding their bikes along the road looking for bottles to sell back to the stores for the deposit; 2 cents and 5 cents. Most were respectful to their elders and stealing wasn't the norm, yes sir and yes mam was. And profanity was very uncommon, because mom would wash out your dirty mouth with a bar of soap.

Girls played house and helped their mothers who taught them to be women, and the ways of wives and mothers. They got tea sets for presents as well as dolls which helped them to learn of family and child raising, and what was lady-like. They, too, had their own games and were taught how to cook and mend clothes and clean house in preparation of becoming wives and mothers, and they took pride in their hair and appearance.

Most all of us went to movies on Saturday and watched the good guy win. NO wild sex scenes or filthy talk. Now you can't watch anything hardly anymore that is not full of colorful language, even the cartoons that are made for kids is full of propaganda for the environment, and it's for reasons of political control. Others are demonic origin. No Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, or Road Runner, etc. All kinds of monsters.

Girls join the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, play football. Mothers join Army and leave kids and husband behind. Boys can claim one day they're a girl, or the next a boy again as well as girls. Gender neutral, go to any bathroom they decide.

Words meanings have been corrupted for the sake of sinful nature so as not to offend the sinner.

Romans 1:25-3:4) (Ephesians 4:25) (Proverbs12:19; 22) (Romans 1:25 – 32; 12:1 -2) and look how God dealt with them in (Leviticus 20:10; 13; 16) as for tattoos (Lev. 19:28 – Jeremiah 16:6).

I once was a Democrat until I opened my eyes and read and looked at things. Not now, it's the party of the past, taken over by progressives (socialists or closet communists) – baby killing and same sex marriages laws and one world government movement is done by Democrats. Christianity and Democrats can't mix. Vote for anything except Democrat.

Ronald Cossey, Gore


Self defense?

Dear Editor:

What is this world coming to? This is what everyone is wondering these days. School shootings are happening everywhere, kids committing suicide because they have been bullied and no one knew it. 

Well, be careful parents what you teach your kids. We teach our children the ways of the Lord and to be kind and stand up for what is right. Standing up for what is right also includes stopping a bully. Another thing we teach is self defense.

The topic of bullying has been an issue in my kids schools since my oldest son went to middle school in town. Being a bully and getting punished for it should not make a difference who your parents are or what your last name is.

Bullying is bullying no matter the person or name. Sweeping it under the rug is WRONG.

Now on to the topic of self defense. My son is a seventh grader at Central and in the midst of sticking up for a kid being bullied he also had to defend himself when the bully punched him in the face. 

Tell me who should have gotten the punishment for that? Wrong. The bully wasn't the only one in trouble. My son was as well because he defended himself. I feel like the school is not taking care of a bullying problem because not 10 minutes later the other kid was bullying someone else.

Not only did my son defend someone else and himself, this was all done in a classroom with the teacher not in view. He calls me at home to see if he should go report it to the office. Really???

Something is wrong in this system. I don't know if it's a political thing or if the people making the school rules don't believe in helping one another and defending what is right or what? I do know that if changes aren't made and bullying keeps being swept under the rug there will be more problems than if they had just done the right thing in the first place.

Melissa Buchanan, Sallisaw


Watergate and Jackson

Dear Editor:

Watergate journalist Bob Woodward gave a speech at Oklahoma Community College and excerpts from his talk were aired on OETA April 28. 

Woodward blames the divisiveness we see today (alternate facts) on the government secrecy, especially the electoral dysfunction that gave us Nixon in 1968.

We protestors always knew what Nixon did, we just couldn't prove it back then. Ken Burns' Vietnam War documentary shown on OETA is available for purchase. You can see the tape rolling and hear Nixon's voice derailing the Vietnam peace talks and destroying his opponent Humphrey's lead in the polls. Think about how many American soldiers had to die in Vietnam so Nixon could win the election.

Watergate destroyed America's faith in government because it was a cover-up. The public did not get to see how our giant corporations bribed government to continue the war! The festering wound was bandaged, instead of lancing the boil and squeezing the corruption out of our economic system.

Conservatives made up the story that the liberal media and us liberal war protestors were responsible because America lost the war in Vietnam! That was a cruel lie.

President Roosevelt's memo is in the Naval Archives saying not to give Vietnam back to France after World War II because it would suck us into another war! The Pentagon Papers proved the war was unwinnable, but the public was misinformed.

That's why education goes unfunded – people who don't know history keep falling for the same old scam! The liberals had to be destroyed before Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin could rise to power. Liberal compassion for working families kept hope up – despair leads to tyrants.

If we had held AT&T accountable and the other big corporations at Watergate, AT&T wouldn't be trying to bribe Trump lawyer Michael Cohen now. Our corporate behemoths could not have kept America in perpetual war, and American blood and treasure spent  to protect Wall Street's foreign investments.

The only wall that will protect America is a wall around Wall Street again! America does not have a financial deficit – Wall Street has too much money. We have a moral deficit. Trump's tax cut and jobs act saves him over $20 million a year (2005 tax form) and saves a secretary $76 a year. Paul Ryan was bragging  about the secretary's $1.50 extra a week until he was called out.

Our teachers had better speak out before  Betsy Devos replaces them with computers like Rupert Murdoch wants. In the January/ February 2016 “The Atlantic,” Fox News' Rupert wants corporations to have a larger share in the $500 billion-plus public school spending. Public Schools are required by law to make their spending public, while charter schools are fighting to keep their spending secret.

Donald Trump says he is patterning his administration after Andrew Jackson's who backstabbed friend and foe alike when he couldn't use them anymore. Can anyone say this doesn't describe Donald Trump?

Jackson was crooked in everything he did, as a merchant, as a land speculator, in the Army and as president. Jackson's plots as treaty commissioner cheated Indians out of their land and and his refusal to obey a Supreme Court ruling in Worcester vs Georgia led to the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma.

The land Jackson promised whites to work and own went to speculators and Jackson's relatives instead!

Linda Whitmire, McCloud

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