Letters to the Editor 06-08

Why nursing homes are easy targets 

Dear Editor: 

The expectations of care and the reality of the care provided in nursing homes are many times two different things. Although the nursing home is a 24-hour care facility, that does not mean one on one 24-hour care. Nursing homes in Oklahoma are grossly underfunded and the public in general has very little understanding on how much the expenses are to operate a Long Term Care facility. It truly is a business of pennies considering approximately 51 cents of every dollar goes to labor. Now that leaves 49 cents to pay for food, supplies, insurances, fees, utilities, etc., and at the end of the month, many facilities have operated at a loss.

The staff that work in nursing facilities are definitely not there for the money. It's because they have a need and a calling to help those who cannot help themselves. Nursing facilities are far from perfect. There is good and bad in every facility but that includes all industries. Nothing is 100 percent perfect 100 percent of the time. 

The teachers in Oklahoma badly needed wage increases and as a group, they had to walk out in order to get the funding they needed. However, those in health care cannot just walk out. This would indeed lead to loss of life which goes against the mission of all health care facilities. If our legislators would approve a reimbursement increase then facilities would be able to add staff and increase the health care workers' wages which is overdue and badly needed.

Unfortunately, so much time and effort is dedicated to trying to portray the nursing facility in such a negative manner on social media in an effort to create some change. If only that time and effort would be spent communicating with our legislature to improve reimbursement rates because they are the ones that have the ability to actually create real change and improve the care for the chronically ill, frail and elderly.

Facilities and communities need to work together not against each other. We all want the same thing and that's the ability to provide the best care possible for our most vulnerable population.

Admin Sequoyah Manor, John Ryan


Firemen's benefit softball tournament

Dear Editor: 

The seventh annual Eastern Sequoyah County Firemen's Association Softball Tournament to benefit the Lee's Chapel/Muldrow Community Backpack Program was held on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

The teams who participated were Maple Fire Department, Redland Fire Department, Roland Fire Department and the Muldrow Fire Department. They all are to be commended for giving of their time to benefit the children and for playing really hard to win the trophy.

Winning the trophy for 2018 went to the Muldrow Fire Department.

A special thanks to the businesses, churches, individuals and civic organizations who sponsored the softball games with their generous donations.

We appreciate those who helped in the concession and to Heath Sharp and Muldrow Fire Chief Alan Falkner for coordinating the  benefit every year.

The most important asset we have is our children and the Backpack Program is to make sure no child goes hungry.

Thank you

LaRuth Huggins, Elaine Cole, Backpack Coordinator


Thanks for support

Dear Editor:

Liberty Elementary would like to thank the following for their generous donations throughout the 2017-2018 school year.  Without our donors, many of our events would not be possible.

We would like to thank, City of Sallisaw, Walmart, SHS Student Council, Boys and Girls Club of Sallisaw, Liberty Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (LPTO), Firstar Bank, Taco Bell, Mazzio’s, Sequoyah County Times, Armstrong Bank, National Bank of Sallisaw, Braum’s, Pizza Hut, Verizon, Sallisaw Lions Club, Taylor Chadwell & Sallisaw Youth Coalition, Greg & Terri Burnsed and Immanuel Baptist Church, Eastside Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Mix 105.1,  and Liberty Elementary Foster Grandparents and parent volunteers.  

We would also like to thank Sallisaw Police Department, Sallisaw Fire Department, Mix 105.1, Cherokee Nation, Sallisaw Chiropractic Clinic, D&R Backhoe, Kristy’s Cakes and Cupcakes, Charlie’s Chicken, Wild Horse Towing, Dr. & Mrs. Rick Robbins, Aromas, Frank & Amanda Sullivan III, Dr. & Mrs. Chris Orendorff and family, Tera Long, Mildred Taylor, Wild Horse BBQ, Perfectly Posh, Farmers Co-Op, Sisters Salon, W Salon Sallisaw, Catfish Hole, Josh & Sonya Simmons Family, Tasha Miller, Simple Simons, Rugars Grill, Roma’s Italian, Studio 64, Aubrey & Kelly Henshaw and family, Sonic, Tanya Phillips, BuckingHam Palace, Rightway Transportation, Sallisaw Lumber, Dr. Freeze Shiver Shack, Tara Bustamante Alzate,  Carl Albert State College, Sallisaw Take Down Club and Sequoyah Manor and the many anonymous donors for all they have given.

We apologize if we have left anyone out.  Please know we greatly appreciate all you have done.

Thank you once again.

Liberty Elementary Staff



Dear Editor:

Hello fellow Sequoyah County dwellers. I recently had the old memory triggered to my days in Eldorado County, Calif.

Now I know that the last thing you want to hear about is California, but bear with me, the trigger is a potential problem here in our county.

You see Eldorado County was a touch of heaven, with national forest on three sides, plenty of fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. More than one resident kept tackle and pole in their vehicle for after work, then a snake crept into our little garden of Eden, marijuana growers, and it's still a problem today. Trails were booby trapped, bodies were found and now you can't just walk in the woods and the county gained nothing.

It was grown, harvested and shipped to the city. We were used just as I fear Sequoyah County will be, even where it is legal, there is a serpent. We've battled meth and taken our casualties. We now fight heroin. But if you legalize it you lose.

Now some people are going to say it's just for medical use. Well, dear reader, we already have medical use marijuana. It comes in a pill – all the benefits without the worry. Let's be smart about this, Ok?

If you loosen the law more, we will get serpents and the county will lose.

Robert Batemon, Sallisaw


God's laws

Dear Editor:

In response to Roy, “Illusion of freedom” in June 1 article.

Freedom in Webster's dictionary: there are nine different uses of the word freedom; you chose the fifth one. And I believe it referred to a person to act without ease of movement or performance; to me it means being freed from a pen or tied up to a chain and ball around your leg.

Now we are all free and able to do whatever we desire, but that old rule of “for every action there is a reaction,” so if you step on some old boy's toe, he might just step on yours. Yes we have a free will and choice and as a Christian and we were, by the United States Supreme Court, Church of the Holy Trinity vs United States 1892, the court noted, “this is a Christian Nation.” The same case also dealt with alien or foreigners and cheap labor, a problem we as a nation and people should revisit this case.

Even back before the flood man had freedom and answered to no one and look how bad men became in approximately 1,600 years. God had to destroy most all of mankind, only eight were spared. Then again, around 175 years , along comes Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, and we know how that ended, but they were free. The the law came around 675 years later, “God's Law” – your kind of freedom is dangerous.

You seem to be repeating Satan's work in the garden when he beguiled Eve and started questioning what God had said and if it was so. Yes, we have the total right to chose what is right and what is sin.

Now going to work to make somebody rich, that's called coveting, Exodus 20:17, and false witness, verse 5. These are things liberals seem to favor, tax the rich. Most of the tax is paid by the rich, the lower 50 percent pays a very small portion.

Be glad you have a job, Philippians 4:11 and Colossians 1:10. The second paragraph of the Constitution “Life and pursuit of happiness” covers the question of abortion, this applies to the unborn as well, but not according to democrats and liberals. It also answers the “it's my body and I can do as I want,” yes, but not with the child within. And the sixth commandment is no adultery of sex out of wedlock.

Marry whom I want, Romans 1:25-31 explains that as well as Leviticus 18:22-24 – tattoo's Leviticus 19:28. Yes, you are free  to do what ever you chose with your body, I wouldn't judge you, but God will.

So enjoy the fruits of this life without any thought of rules or laws. Sin is fun, otherwise you wouldn't do it, but it only lasts for awhile. But eternity lasts forever and it's your choice.

Ronald H. Cossey, Gore

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