Letters to the Editor 06-22

Unite for Eddie

Dear Editor:

On June 26, voters in Sequoyah County have a chance to give the county a stronger voice in the State Senate, Voting to nominate Eddie Martin will give us that voice.

For too many years, our Senate representation has had a LeFlore County flavor. It's time to change that and Eddie Martin can bring about that change.

In Eddie Martin, we have our spokesman. He is a Sallisaw businessman who was raised in Sequoyah County by Sequoyah County parents. He knows the needs of the county and can best serve those needs. So, a vote for Eddie becomes a vote for Sequoyah County.

LeFlore is more heavily populated than Sequoyah, hence more voters. So, it's apparent the only way we can pull this off is to unite behind Eddie.

On June 26, vote for Eddie Martin for State Senate.

Jack Wofford,Sallisaw

Sequoyah County Times

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