Letters to the Editor 10-26

Take a look

Dear Editor:

It is election time again and we need to take a look at our two candidates running for State Representative. Jim Olsen is running on the Republican ticket and Tom Stites on the democrat ticket. Jim is a lifelong conservative Republican. Tom doesn’t seem to know which party he wants to be a part of. There is a very clear difference between the two party platforms. If Tom believes what he has on his signs, why would he switch from Republican to Democrat?

We need to read both party platforms because there are many differences between them. If you want to know what each party leader believes and supports, then go online and listen to videos clips of them speaking. Listen to what they say about marriage, abortion, gun control, taxes, religious freedom, etc.

The democrat party leaders have tried to stop the conservative judges. Look at what the IRS has done to conservative groups under a democrat administration. If anyone tells you they believe one thing but support something else, you need to believe what they support. The democrat party is trying to turn this country into a socialist country. I believe democrat socialists are determined to take America down whatever the cost.

The hearings in D. C. on the Supreme Court are an example of what the Democrats are up to. What we stand for and what we support should be the same.

Jack Jamison, Sallisaw 


Snake oil

Dear Editor:

This is the first time I have ever felt the need to write to express my outrage on a political candidate.

It was brought to my attention that Jim Olsen was on a FB rant not long ago preaching to his followers, stating that you could not be a Christian and a Democrat!!! 

First of all, is there a Republican version of the Bible?? Because the Bible I read says...”Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Matthew 7:2. Also, the ninth Commandment... “Thou shall not bear false witness.” Of course I am referring to the bill board in Roland.

I think it is so sad that people make up lies and try to misdirect people for their selfish reasons, or to win an election at all cost. It is time for a change in politics, because the definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

The leadership of our beloved state has gotten us in this mess, schools with no funding, roads falling apart, and no funding for social services. This was all under current leadership... IT IS TIME TO CHANGE! We do not need, nor can we afford another round of the same crap!!

I am a bred and born Sequoyah County resident and am very proud of that, and I can spot a “Snake Oil Salesman” a mile away. We need to stay true to our values and to our true Oklahoma citizens...not people who do not have the True ties to this community and state.


Kathy (Harvell) Quickel, Sallisaw 


Reliable, predictable

Dear Editor:

I have got to know candidate Jim Olsen quite well over the past 8 years. I first met him when I dropped into Watts Church where he attends. He was kind but it was his oldest daughter, Anna that really impressed me. That led to a conversation with Jim in which I asked him if I could date Anna. It was two and a half years after this that Anna and I married. During this time he was always kind. His wife Becky told me when I was dating Anna that she had never heard Jim raise his voice at anyone. I found this hard to believe but to this day I can attest to the same thing. Jim is a man who has a great temperament.

Jim is a man of solid reasoning. I have had many conversations with him over the last eight years. We have not always agreed, but he always has a source for his reason for believing the way that he does. Most often the Bible has been his source, and second only to the Bible has been the U.S. Constitution. Jim is an avid reader. 

When I first came around he was like a personal encyclopedia for his youngest son Josiah. Josiah asked questions about all kinds of subjects to which he expected his Dad to have the answers. Although Jim has never run for office before, he has probably answered every voter question over the years driving down the road with his children.

Jim is reliable and predictable. Jim exercises several days a week. Always! I have been with him on vacation several times, each time he scopes out the area to decide where he will run the next day. I’ve watched him log his exercise routine and make lists for what he will do for the next routine. 

His Christmas list never changes much either. It is brief, and at or near the top of the list he always asks for ammunition for one of his guns. For lunch he likes two roast beef sandwiches with a quart of milk. I can assure anyone with absolute certainty that Oklahoma City will not change Jim Olsen as a person, nor will they be able to turn him from his conservative values.

Jim is a devout Christian. I have heard him recount on numerous occasions how that the Lord saved him. He was sitting in a hospital waiting room when he picked up a track titled “What Must I Do To Be Saved?”.  Jim liked to read so he read it. After reading it he went out to his vehicle, repented of his sins, and asked God to forgive him. That is where Jim Olsen changed into the man that I know now: A man that has led his family in prayer and devotions night after night for years, a man that has taught Sunday School for years, and a man that will make Sequoyah County a great Representative! (Perhaps for years.)

Darin Wood, Sallisaw 


Political affiliation

Dear Editor:

I have pondered and prayed through so many issues pertaining to this election.

Our hat is obviously in the ring and we knew before walking into this, as in anything of worth, there would be hard with the good. However, one issue has weighed more heavily on my heart than all the others.

Over and over, I have heard statements proclaiming that a candidate simply could not support certain issues due to his/her political affiliation. Sadly, we are living in a time in history where snap judgments are more common than the harder work of getting to know a candidate.

The cynicism that has penetrated our nation is both heartbreaking and unkind. Yet there are many measures of a man's character; the fruit he bears in his life, the relationships he forges and nurtures, his integrity both with an audience or alone, his world view and how it shapes his actions and treatment of others...all of these are extremely important and relevant. However, the statements concerning what one must be, with only the information of one's political party, is both hurtful and unhealthy.

Ultimately, our goal when communicating should be to gently invite believers on the opposite side of any issue to the table. Instead of forcing, manipulating or coercing in order to persuade, perhaps our end goal should be to have everyone that began at our table still sitting there at the end of the discussion.

I pray, all Christians guard your words when telling anyone that you can't be a Christian if you belong to a particular political party. Fear and coercion are not tactics that God uses. He's a God of love. Our forefathers established in our Constitution a separation of church and state. Our churches have a tax-exempt status because of that and are not to bring politics into church. Christians come in all shapes, sizes and parties! God loves all sides. Please don't be told how a Christian votes. He/she votes for the best man (or woman)  running for office.

I am praying that we will put in the hard work of getting to know the men and women running in this election rather than assuming his/her heart on certain matters. We are living in an exciting season of change in our nation...what an immense blessing that we get to live in a nation that gives every single one of us a vote to be part of that change.

Nan Stites, Proud of my husband, Sallisaw 


Man of integrity

Dear Editor:

Voters of Sequoyah County.

We have a very important election for State Representative coming up on

Nov. 6.

Jim Olsen, the Republican candidate for State Representative District 2, is

a man of integrity and character.  These aren’t just hollow words.  I’ve

seen it firsthand as he raised me and my siblings. My dad and mom taught all of us children the importance of putting God first, standing up for what is right, having a strong work ethic, and personal responsibility.

My Dad believes that our county and state should be based on biblical

principles, family values, and both our U.S. and Oklahoma Constitutions.

He also believes in and will support OUR right to keep and bear arms as stated in the 2nd Amendment. He isn’t just talk, he is endorsed by the NRA and Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association.

My dad has a 100% rating with the Oklahoma Right to Life and is committed to passing pro-life legislation.

As a teacher at Brushy school, I see firsthand the challenges facing public

education and I know that my dad fully understands the importance of taking care of our students and teachers. He will fight to protect our rural schools!

He also understands keeping taxes and regulations low will help our local economy.

I know the kind of leader my dad has been, and I know he will stand up for the people of Sequoyah County as our next State Representative.  That’s why

I humbly ask you to vote for Jim Olsen on Nov. 6.  He is the only conservative choice for State Representative District 2.

Abigail Padgett, Sallisaw 


Good ole boy

Dear Editor:

'He's a good ole boy,' is the nicest compliment a man could hope for, but not always the right man to be elected as state representative to represent Sequoyah County.

One born and raised in and around Sequoyah County, his roots run deep and his veins are filled with Christian family culture.

Tom Stites knows and will fight for our county teachers, employees, veterans and law enforcement. Tom will work to bring good paying jobs, funding for hospitals and health care, and to help outlying rural areas.

Tom, being raised in Sequoyah County by Christian parents, was taught loyalty and dedication. His loyalty runs deep – loyalty to have a strong voice, and with dedicated courage to stand up for our control of our schools, protect our privacy rights, and our right to bear arms.

With his experience, Tom will work hard to bring more businesses to our community and make a difference for the future of Sequoyah County's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, schools, hospitals, for those who can hardly keep their doors open, and for families who can't make ends meet because of minimum pay, while the wealthy keep getting tax brreaks.

Our concerns are Tom Stites' concerns. Tom will fit the “Big Shoe” needed to face up to the bureaucrats at OKC. Going to the state Capitol, he will willingly work hard, just as the athlete in him...(It won't happen unless you try). He'll grind hard to make sure the tax dollar is spent wisely and efficiently.

With Tom, let's grasp the opportunity to attract new businesses, good paying jobs and better teacher pay, while making better school resources.

Tom Stites is “a good ole boy and tough ole boy” needed to meet our challenges head-on as our state representative.

Tom is one of us, Born and bred in Sequoyah County, his roots are here. Tom will stand by his promise to protect our personal property, privacy rights, and the right to bear arms. Tom Stites is the man to send to our state Capitol. He can make a big difference. Let us help him make that difference.

On Nov. 6, I will vote for Tom Stites as our state representative. I'm inviting you to join in support for Tom Stites.

Respectfully to Sequoyah County,

Margaret Lattimore Kenyon, Sallisaw


Friend, veteran, Okie

Dear Editor:

I am Jason Blalock, a USAF Air Guard veteran. I had the honor of serving in the crisis in Kosovo, Northern Watch, Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

I am not a hero. My part was on air bases way away from any action. But I signed up for my part. My friend Tom signed up for his part! This country is great because men and women have been signing up from the beginning.

To listen to someone who didn't take the oath say Tom is not a veteran upsets and angers me. Being a veteran is not a matter of opinion. By federal code USC 38, a veteran is “a person who served in the active military who was discharged under conditions other than dishonorable.” “Active duty” is defined as full time in the armed forces.

The federal code also clearly defines several types of active duty including “service as a cadet at the USAF Academy.” I have personally seen his paperwork. It doesn't say that he was a hero or not. It says that he signed up. Tom signed up hoping to be a pilot.

The Vietnam War was still going on in 74. While he was a cadet, Tom discovered that his eyes had gotten worse. The war had ended and he came to a point where he had to choose between staying at the Academy and graduating (not a pilot) with another 5-year hitch or going back to Oklahoma and reserve status. He chose reserve status and Oklahoma.

Tom resigned the USAF Academy in good standing and an honorable discharge and went to school at OSU.

Now I challenge you as a fellow citizen of Sequoyah County and as your brother in Christ to check your DD214 before you challenge his. We must stay focused on the task at hand. Education, infrastructure, jobs.

Your brother,

Jason Blalock, Sallisaw 


A Sad Tale

Dear Editor:

I received a piece of real campaign trash in the mail. Xenophobic in nature. Not a good show. So bad the local Dems would not claim it.  But I have not heard them disclaim it and I ain’t believin’ they had no input.  Common decency requires an answer.

We know a lot more about Jim Olsen in the last eight years than we know about Tom Stites in the last eight years.  Just for the record, Candidate Olsen does share our values. His ties to our community, as demonstrated by where he has lived and raised his family for the last eight years and by the contributions he and his family have made to our community, are stronger than those of Candidate Stites, a big city boy for much of his adult life.

Never in my life have I seen a real veteran make such a fuss about being a veteran.  Just because you put on a uniform and take the taxpayers for a ride for a couple of years does not make you a “veteran.” The real measure is in giving more than taking.

A truer, better  measure of the man is in how he conducts his affairs.  We do not know much about how Stites conducts his affairs.

Perhaps we do.  We can look at how he has conducted his campaign as a measure of his values.

I saw a commercial - a bunch of locals making fun of  Candidate Olsen for being from out of state.  High Comedy. To promote their sad show, they ridiculed him for not being born here in Sequoyah County.  Friday night bragging aside, I guess they forgot - conveniently - that people coming from out of state have helped make Oklahoma what it is.

Several of us had noticed Stites’ campaign platform overlapped much of the Republican party’s platform. But there were two particulars that overlapped those of the national Democratic party and they really separate us: They - and he - want to increase both taxation and the size of the government.  We thought this parallel with the national party should be made plain to the good folks here in Sequoyah County.  Somebody put up a billboard pointing out this association. 

You shoulda’ heard the ruckus.  A little too much light shined on them. They even got a lawyer involved.  Somebody had not put sponsor identification on this billboard.  Well and good - per the state ethics commission, this sponsor ID is a legal requirement for all printed campaign material. So somebody took that one down. 

That’s “All printed campaign material” as in “all printed campaign material.”  Now I have in front of me a piece of Stites printed campaign material already stating that he is the State Representative for District 2 - and we have not even had the election yet. AND he has put no sponsor ID on this.

A little nickle-dimey, but the man and his sponsors obviously have differing standards - one for them and another for the rest of us.   

Do we need this?

Joe F. Peters, Sr, Taxpayer, parent, concerned citizen, Sallisaw

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