Letters to the Editor 11-02

Being deceptive

Dear Editor:

If he’s doing it now, he will continue it if he gets in office. Tom Stites is being deceptive in his ads and the party he claims to represent. If Tom really believes and stands for what he says, then why is he running democrat?

That goes against everything that party stands for. Surely citizens are thinking about this before going to the voting booth. Even if he gets in office he is one vote against the rest of the democrats. That’s not going to do anything. Democrats will look at him like he’s crazy and be asking the same question, why are you in the Democratic Party if you hold republican values?

Another thing, as far as him “attempting” to serve and then couldn’t because his eye sight was getting worse, HE WEARS NO GLASSES, and surely if they were “that bad” that he couldn’t serve in the military, he wouldn’t be able to wear contacts because they would be too thick.

Jim Olsen may not be from here originally but Tom Stites left and has only been back here a few years. Jim Olsen is not the one parading around deceiving and pretending to be a part of another party while registered as the opposite party. Hopefully people will consider all things before casting the vote.

Holly McGraw, Muldrow


Biblical principles

Dear Editor:

I am the oldest daughter of Jim and Becky Olsen, but only 19 minutes older than my twin sister Abigail. My parents have always been God-fearing and taught Biblical Principles to each one of their children.  We were consistently taken to church and taught in family devotions.

Our parents gave us a high-quality education, which led to each one of us, excelling in our college studies and in the workforce.  Myself, and two of my sisters, Abigail and Emily have each worked in area public schools.  Sallisaw, Brushy and Liberty.  We are thrilled to have many teachers, school staff, and former school staff supporting Jim Olsen for State Representative. 

My Dad is a true Christian, there have been times throughout this campaign that while he was visiting with voters, they would begin to tell him about their family or health needs, he would stop right there and have prayer with them.  Jim is not afraid to be recognized as a Christian and will stand up at the Capital to fight for Christian values.  

Dad has always been hard working. This work ethic has shown throughout this campaign. He has knocked hundreds of doors and attended many county events to spread his Conservative, Christian message.  We need a man at the Capital that will work hard for the people of Sequoyah County and Dad has already shown that he is that man. 

Being Pro-life has not just been a political line for my Dad; from the time that we were little children we were taught that all abortion is murder.  Our family had the opportunity to stand outside of George Tiller’s abortion clinic and ask ladies to go next door to the crisis pregnancy center.  I don’t think that I will ever forget walking past the incinerator that burned the baby parts after the abortion was performed.  It will forever be stamped in my mind how horrible abortion is. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee,” God recognizes life in the womb and we should also recognize it and fight to save the babies.  Dad has always been and will always be PRO-LIFE.

Dad is the only Candidate that is endorsed by the NRA and the OK2A.  These organizations know that he will fight for our 2nd amendments rights, so that we can defend ourselves against horrific acts of violence, such as the mass shooting that took place at the Pittsburg Synagogue.  

We are thrilled to have so many Republicans, Democrats and Independents of like faith that are voting for my Dad.  Please join your Conservative friends and vote for Jim Olsen for State Representative on Nov. 6.

Anna Wood, Sallisaw


Do your homework

Dear Editor:

Election day is next Tuesday and responsible citizens will cast their voters for a candidate, that if elected, will be instrumental in determining the future of District 2.

Much has been said and written about this race. Some letters to the editor have tried to spin the idea that our local candidates must hold the same view with a political party on all issues, not true of Tom Stites.

He will do what is right for his constituents, not what some political party dictates. The two candidates are in agreement on the moral and constitutional issues. So, what is the difference between the two candidates?

Public education is important for all our futures and especially for school age students. Concerned parents and educators asked Tom to run because he is without a doubt a leader that will fight for public education.

We have one of the lowest expenditures on education and one of the highest per capita inmate populations in the nation. Since August, there have been 277,000 fewer meals provided for our senior citizen nutrition centers. There have been 13 nutrition centers closed in our state. Our young and elderly deserve more, this is a moral obligation that Tom will meet.

He will work to bring jobs to Sequoyah County, invest in rural Oklahoma, protect our rights to hunt, fish and camp. Tom Stites will honor our veterans.

I believe Tom Stites has the skills, experience, talents, intelligence and drive to mae a difference in our state.

It is my sincere hope that every citizen will look at the candidates qualifications and not be mislead by some of the delusional writings of political party purists. Oklahoma is one of eight states still allowing straight party option on every ballot. This seems like a passive approach to democracy. Please know straight party voting negates any other mark you make for a candidate on the ballot. In my opinion this is not good.

As a retired educator, I encourage you to do your homework. Use the excellent Sequoyah County Times Voters Guide. Unless a voter considers all candidates, the stereotypes and generalities remain.

As I read in a recent article, it's time to get a more informed voting population, placing power in the hands of citizens, not parties.

Dwight Phillips, Sallisaw


It mattered to us

Dear Editor:

Young people tend to get a bad rap these days for being selfish, lacking in compassion and empathy, etc.  

Well, an unfortunate turn of events brought us into contact with three people from the Sallisaw area who certainly did not fit that description.   

My husband and a friend and I were traveling on I-40 from Texas to Arkansas in the heavy rain last Friday.   I was driving when the car hydroplaned and we fishtailed on the bridge over US-59 from one side to the other, until the car went off the road, hit a light pole and then finally stopped at the base of the embankment.  

We were shaken and upset when there quickly appeared a young man and a young couple.  They ran through the wet rain and high grass to make sure we were ok, and then stayed with us until the  local First Responders and State Police arrived (both of whom we are also thankful for!).  The comfort of their presence made a difference in my ability to stay somewhat calm when the officials arrived.  

While we were all standing in the rain, the young woman even offered me the shirt off her back to help me stay dry, and the first young man didn't leave until he was sure the authorities had everything they needed.  I don't know who they are so I can't personally thank them, but I would like them to know that the presence of the three of them with the three of us at that moment mattered to


S. Polk, Carrollton, Texas


Last Call

Dear Editor:

We will go to the polls next week to choose a State Senator and a State Representative for our next legislature.  An opportunity for we citizens to exercise the civic responsibility our forefathers prepared for us.  We have decisions to make.

The impact of the next legislature will affect us for generations.  The legislature  we now have has, for the first time in my memory, actually made significant progress towards making our state government more efficient and more fair.

A few significant achievements:

Programs that help our high schoolers get a better jump on college and trade school preparation have been improved.  That will pay our youth and our state dividends for generations to come.

Pensions are better funded - now at the 78 percent level vice at the 56 percent level a few years ago.

Roads are better funded - somewhere around 40 perfect.  Lots of bridges fixed. You think they are bad now? Just check your memory.  Several of our county roads are better than they have ever been. Several, not all.  County commissioners, take note.

Serious attempt is being made to bring some needed reform to our criminal justice system.  Like too many areas, we are at the bottom of the pile. Our incarceration rate for women is reported to be the highest in the nation. That is a lot of children being raised without their mother.  Guess which path too many of these children will take? We need to move out of the dark ages and into the light.

Here’s a favorite: more transparency in government. The Office of Management and Enterprise Services will now file a quarterly report with the governor and legislature listing all salary increases and changes in title or classification of employees. Given the right legislature, mayhap they will expand this transparency to other areas.  Then we taxpayers will know who to believe.

Last one. The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs has been directed to establish the Oklahoma Women Veterans Program. The program is directed to assess the needs of women veterans, make recommendations to the executive director regarding improvement of benefits and services to women veterans, and incorporate issues concerning women veterans in department planning. ‘Bout time.

Google SIR 2018 web.pdf and pick out the 2018 state report for a LONG list of legislative accomplishments.  Facts. Just the facts.  Accomplished and in print.

The current legislature has actually started the gargantuan task of making the bureaucrats more responsible for what they do and how they do it. A little more light here will not hurt most of us. Given the proper make-up, the legislature will continue to do so.

There are today two parties running on the Republican platform for this election.  The difference will be, once elected, the Republicans will continue working toward  the goals stated in their platform.

So - check out the fluff and puff against the solid stuff - and then, like the lady said - Get out and vote.  Vote Right and Vote Red.  Vote Right and don’t be left.

Come on, Tuesday night.

Joe F. Peters, Sr, Taxpayer, 

parent, concerned citizen, Sallisaw


Scary, very sad

Dear Editor:  

I received a piece of mail the other day where one of the candidates was standing behind Trump...all I can say is it is scary and very sad when the man you stand behind is a man who has committed adultery four times (or more) ( “You shall not commit adultery," number 7 of the 10 Commandments).  

Also he seems to display a taste for the Seven Deadly Sins (prostitution, fornication, avarice,  pride, envy, wrath, boasting--well 6 of the 7) while also mocking the disabled (on video during his campaign)--and probably one of the most frightening things is his admiration of Hitler-Trump used to keep a copy of Hitler’s speeches by his bed, not the Bible--plus he appears to not be a regular church goer... at least before he ran for office... so what do these Christians base the faith he has on...his stand on abortion, guns, etc. etc., most pro life seem to be more pro birth than pro life...because they seem to want to deny health care, food stamps etc. to the child AFTER the fetus becomes a child.

What have they done to help the child after birth?  I am sure some of them have... but it seems the majority just don't seem to care.  Oklahoma needs foster homes and I am sure other -- that would be a start to provide care after birth.  

As for immigration: we are all immigrants except for the Native Americans-and if you look at Matthew 25:35 King James Bible, “For I was hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:” We are all immigrants..Trump's wife is an immigrant...his parents were immigrants... Jesus preached acceptance for all.

We have a party who is only concerned with the needs of the 1 percent (just look at the tax cuts...the attack on Social Security and Medicare...the poor etc, etc.)   The hope is that people wake up before it is too late.  

Richard Moore, Sallisaw


Supporting liberal values

Dear Editor:

We recently received a mailer casting doubt on the values of Jim Olsen. The card came from Oklahomans for a Prosperous Future. 

An internet search shows they have a mailing address of 321 S Boston, Suite 200, in Tulsa. The search also shows the offices at the address are held by a myriad of business listings, primarily involved in legal and financial services. Among the principal players are Clayton Woodrum, Devin Hughes, and Karl Semtner.

This group OPF has been around for a number of years, financially supporting Democrat and liberal ideas throughout the state. They list themselves as a non-profit providing educational materials as advocacy for civil rights.  There are reports that they have collected and spent over a half million dollars this election cycle. Biggest contributors include the Choctaws and Chickasaws, and a Firefighters PAC out of OKC.  

What is ironic about their criticism of Jim is that they mock him for having a liberal arts education while they say also they advocate for education. It appears they are really political mouth pieces for the OEA.

Do folks realize a Bachelor of Arts degree at Oklahoma Baptist University or the University of Arkansas Fort Smith is a Liberal Arts Degree but is not a liberal degree?  Mr. Olsen has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from State University of New York at Albany; AA in Liberal Arts from Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY; Diploma - Free Gospel Bible Institute, Export, Pa; Diploma - Kingsway Missionary Institute, McAllen, Texas.

Also interesting, at least as recently as 2016 Devin Hughes was a blogger for Armed With Reason, an anti-gun rights group. Again, how ironic that Democrat candidates send out mailer after mailer trying to convince voters of how gun friendly they are, while some of their biggest supporters are doing all they can to limit gun rights? They are merely modern day carpet baggers pushing falsehoods, trying to stir up trouble in Sequoyah County, pushing a candidate they hope they can count on to support their liberal values.

Amanda Guthrie, Sallisaw


Vote for change

Dear Editor:

An open letter to voters.

The recent election flyer about Tom Stites' veteran status revealed again outsiders trying to influence Sequoyah County voters.

The flyer was paid for by Al Gerhart in Oklahoma City. Having financed flyers in the last election, here he is doing it again. Google Al Gerhart OKC – and see the type of person telling you how to vote. Not anyone I would want as a friend or have a say in how I am represented.

For the last eight years, the political leadership in Oklahoma has promised more jobs, better infrastructure, better education, improved health care and more. Where is it? Not in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma.

Hospital closings, teachers leaving the state, crumbling bridges and roads, where 14.2 percent of our fellow Oklahomans (545,000) do not have health insurance. Second in the nation for uninsured citizens. Jobs? Seen any new in Sequoyah County? Where are our families and children going for jobs?Have you seen how many of our elderly and young people are working at Walmart?

We need change now. Get out and vote for a change. Tom Stites and his family have lived here, had businesses, gone to church here and served our country.

Oklahoma and Sequoyah County needs a man that has our interest at heart. Not someone in Oklahoma City.

Vote for Tom Stites. I am.

Allen Rau, Gans


Vote for my dad

Dear Editor:

I recently turned 18, and one of the first things that I wanted to do was register to vote, as a Republican. For years I looked forward to that day! Now as a young Republican I can see that the differences between the parties are even greater now than when I was a child. 

In 2012, the Democrat Party took God out of their platform. I believe this was a turning point for many Conservatives. That’s why I decided to get involved in politics and support Christian conservative candidates. I believe that they will fight for the things I have been taught and believe in today! I am supporting my Dad, Jim Olsen, for State Representative. I know that he will always fight for our Christian values, at the State Capitol.

When my family and I moved here nine years ago, my Dad had no intention of running for political office. However, with much thought and prayer, he knew it was what he needed to do. Not for his own political gain, but because he cares about our county and our state. 

My Dad has always known exactly what he believed and why he believed it. The Biblical principles that Dad has talked about throughout this campaign are exactly what he and my mom have lived by and taught each of us. 

Through family devotions, church attendance and living a dedicated Christian life, our parents had one goal and that was to make Jesus #1 in our daily lives. I’m so grateful that I was raised in a Christian home and was always taught to love the Lord.

My Dad is one of the most hard-working men that I have ever known. He will continue to work hard for the people of District 2, and will always be available to listen to questions and concerns, just as he has always listened to my siblings and myself. 

Dad doesn’t claim to have all the answers but He will always listen, pray, and do his very best to represent Sequoyah County.

Please join me in voting for my Dad, Jim Olsen for State Representative.

Moriah Olsen, Roland


Where is left-wing mob riot

Dear Editor:

Have received two identical flyers from Mr. Olsen's action committee in Roland, a.k.a, Mrs. Cosner.

On one side is a picture of a so-called left-wing mob. Can't tell who this mob is or where they are rioting. Lettering on one mob member's T-shirt suggest a foreign country.

Thought maybe Mr. Olsen or Mrs. Cosner could help us.

Since the flyer includes a picture of Truthful Trump, we know it is an honest attempt for our vote.

Dan George, Sallisaw



Dear Editor:

The folks of the 2nd District at the appreciation dinner for Representative John Bennett last Thursday on Oct. 11 were treated to something special and those who missed it can count it their loss.

Rep. Bennett gave a good and inspirational address to us; and film some of his speeches on the house floor and an even better lesson in Christianity. 

All these candidates who are running for office and the hardships of basic training should have been there to see a real soldier and Christian who has made it possible to have the Ten Commandments restored back on our State Capital grounds with the help of David Barton from Wall Builders. 

Mr. Barton gave a good history of our Constitution and Founding Fathers and the role of Christianity in the founding and establishment of our Constitution and Bill of Rights; how the liberal justices of past courts have twisted our First Amendment or as the liberal justices of bygone days “separation of church and state” which is not in there; go look it up!

This is why the Liberals, Progressive-socialists fight the appointments of Constitutional judges who follow the constitution and not what they think it should be.

Mr. Barton, recipient of many awards “I quote,” national, international including Who's Who in Education, DAR's Medal of Honor and the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

Mr. Barton has also received several Angel Awards, Telly Awards and the Dove Foundation Seal of Approval. Also a national news organization described him as “America's historian.” Time magazine called him “ hero to millions” and this includes some powerful politicians. News named him one of America's top 100 most influential evangelicals and Time Magazine named him one of America's 25—unquote.

There were others there also, U.S. Congressman  Mullen who gave a very good Christian report and State Senator Mark Allen who gave a short and to the point speech.

There were many standing ovations and the name of our Savior Jesus Christ was on all their lips. All in all it was a thankful dinner of appreciation for Rep. Bennett's service in the government and a long military career with valor.

U.S. Congressman Mullen said, one time when they were giving a speech John Bennett came in to the room in uniform and had on so many medals and awards that it would have served as a “bullet proof vest.” As my bumper sticker said, “My heroes wear dog tags” and by this I mean men who have served in combat.

It was a moving experience at this dinner and I wish more Americans could have been there—even though there was no more room in the building.

Remember this when you vote, all the baby killing, same sex marriage, prayer out of schools and Ten Commandments off of public property and the false “Separation of Church and State” laws were put there by Progressive, Socialist, Liberals –Democrats “all of them.”

Ronald Cossey, Gore


New York Values

Dear Editor:

We recently received a political ad paid for by ”Oklahomans for a Prosperous Future, Inc.”

It stated “In Sequoyah county, we don't need someone with New York values.” This was so laughable to me. I have met Tom Stites and his wife and know them when I see them. I have met Jim Olsen and his family and know them when I see them.

Jim has been married to his wife Becky close to 30 years and has seven children from this marriage. He has passed the “New York values” to his family. There are no murderers, druggies or drunks in his family.

From reading the “Sequoyah County Times” just this past month, I really believe Sequoyah County could use these “New York values.”

I don't want someone from another state judging me by all the bad that happens in Sequoyah County and thinking I have the same “values.”

DJ Roberts-McDuffle, Sallisaw


Need Another John Bennett

Dear Editor:

Well I see Tom Stites wants to represent Sequoyah County in Congress and he wants to put more money into working families' pockets by taking tax breaks away from the wealthy and large corporations.

But that won't add money to any pocket. It will take money out of pockets because the corporations and wealthy will pass the cost on to the consumer and the corporations and wealthy will make the same profit they always make.

Mr. Stites says he's a business man and built a consulting product engineering business and ran it for several years and sold it to a giant corporation, Nike Sports, and ran the company for 14 years for Nike. But I think the company Mr. Stites built was in Texas and not Sequoyah County.

Mr. Stites wants to help the people of Sequoyah County by creating jobs and putting people to work. Wouldn't locating his business in Sallisaw or Sequoyah County been a good start to achieving that goal?

I don't know Tom Stites personally. 

He's probably a good person. However, Sequoyah County don't need a tax and spend Democrat for a representative. Sequoyah County needs someone that can solve problems and not create more problems for Sequoyah County and the State of Oklahoma.

Sequoyah County needs another John Bennett.

James Crawford, Sallisaw


Unfair to Husband

Dear Editor:

I read a Letter to the Editor last week that made some interesting claims.

The writer claimed that my husband said on a Facebook rant that “You cannot be a Democrat and a Christian.” My husband has NEVER made such a statement.

My husband was able to speak to the writer of this letter and she verified that she doesn’t even have Facebook. She took the unverified word of someone she knows.

She also claimed that Jim Olsen was a snake oil salesman, and by her own words, she has never even met him.

It is sad to see such a clear violation of the scriptural admonition to “Judge not, lest ye be judged” and to not “bear false witness.”

Healthy debate, even courteous disagreements about the issues of the day can be a good thing.

Slander based on unreliable second hand information is not helpful to anyone and is very unfair to my husband.

Becky Olsen, Roland

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