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Think on these things

You are not a rug, so don’t allow someone to walk on you. Neither are you a meany that tells you to walk on others. You are a human being with rights that says to talk nicely and walk tall. Don’t respond to what others are doing-except that which is honest and respectful and without reason to fight.

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Thru Abigail’s Eyes

This Spring I have found myself preoccupied with both the stark realities of the virus pandemic and the impassioned hope for a vaccine. From Jenner to Salk, smallpox to polio, men of science have made us believe in the deliverance from disease through vaccination. A COVID-19 vaccine does not exist – not now. But, as a group, we are firmly convinced that it will someday soon.

Senator District

Capitol Comments

It’s been a little more than a month since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in our state. Since then, the number of positive cases has quickly grown to over 2,000 across more than 60 of the 77 counties Oklahoma counties.


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