Eryn Dumond

While most young people her age were watching firework displays or taking part in other July 4th activities, Eryn Dumond, 22, was operating her family's firework stand in Muldrow.

As the youngest of four children in her family, Dumond said she has been doing her part to help the family business every July and other times at their pizza eatery when she was not attending school.

“My family's been selling fireworks for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I know a lot about them. We've bought from the same company each year. Every year, we go to a fireworks show and watch the fireworks.  That's where we know what each one does and it's there we pick out the ones we want to sell,” she said.

Dumond said her favorite are the 500 gram cakes. “Whether you get 500 grams or nine, the smaller the number, the more powerful and pretty are the displays. But you get a pretty big display and worth the money. I also like the Ninjas,” she said.

Dumond said the firework stand her family operates is licensed for the smaller fireworks or those that most families buy for the 4th. 

“We're not licensed to sell the huge displays but my brother lights some and he puts on a pretty good show,” she said.

Dumond said she likes working the firework stand and meets different types of people, not always local.

“It's funny how some of them will haggle with you on the prices but we try to make the best deal possible,” she said.

Her older sisters and brother helped out with the family business when they were younger. “But now my brother works and my sisters are busy with their lives. I wasn't doing anything,” she said, laughing.

Dumond graduated from Muldrow High School in 2014. She then obtained a business degree from the University of Oklahoma. She often goes back to watch to watch OU football and see her friends in the fall.

“I graduated early and decided to come back home and help my dad,” she said. “My mom's a teacher so she works. My dad has always operated some type of business. Right now it's selling pizza and fireworks,” she said.

Dumond said she hopes to get into business management and maybe someday have her own business.

“That's the American dream,” she said, smiling.

When she's not helping out with the family business, Dumond said she spends her time with her fiance Joe and her two dogs and of course, her friends and family.

“For as long as I can remember, we've worked on the 4th. My family celebrates about a week later,” she said.

Dumond said she loves her life in Muldrow and Sequoyah County in general.

“I left here after graduation and couldn't wait to come home. Now I'm back!”

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