Ms. Kitty is a super kitty

Muldrow’s Police Cat is continuing to improve

Muldrow Police Chief George Lawson on Friday said that the department's police cat, Ms. Kitty appears to be better and is continuing to improve.

“On Day 10, assistant police chief Tim Keith laid in the floor with her and she laid down and gave up her belly,” Lawson said. “You know who she trusts. One day at a time!”

Two days later, Lawson said Ms. Kitty went for a veterinarian check.

“I’m not a vet but I feel she is so, so much better. She eats or nibbles all day long. Her coat is much better, we believe the pockets are gone, and she is like every cat I’ve had,” he said. “When you love on them, they trust you. When they trust you, they have no problem letting go and doing things like napping. You go Ms. Kitty!”

Lawson said it's now been two weeks ago since they chased and caught her, and Keith decided they needed to have her checked out because she was in such bad shape..

“Thank you again to the Morton’s and AHIMSA Rescue for seeing to Ms. Kitty’s health. It’s been touch and go for these past 14 days and we weren't sure that we'd get to bring her home,” he said. “We found out yesterday that we have a “super” kitty. She weighed barely four pounds when we took her the first time and she looked like a skeleton with skin. She put on one and one-half pounds since then.”

“Her eye still has a small hole that we are treating and it may have to be stitched up. She has a little respiration rattle but minimal compared to the starting point,” he said. “She is such a sweet girl and a blessing to us. It's incredible how she is able to calm in the time of a storm and doesn’t realize that she is helping us. Our hope is we can allow her to help others as well.”

Lawson said Ms. Kitty is almost through her probation period and is about to be promoted to officer.

“Thanks for the kind words, prayers, and items that have been dropped off. There will be more of Ms. Kitty’s journeys to follow!”

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