Biomethane extraction possible at landfill

Members of the Sallisaw Municipal Authority approved a memorandum of understanding Monday night between the Authority and a natural gas company to potentially pursue development of a landfill biomethane site at the Sallisaw Landfill.

Sparq Natural Gas, LLC, approached the Authority with a proposal to harvest biomethane from the landfill. During discussions, Sparq performed a preliminary testing at the landfill as well as preliminary designs of a harvesting station. The preliminary testing came back positive.

The memorandum of understanding will allow Sparq to continue to the next phase which allows for a 150-day period to perform additional development.

Attending the meeting were Norman Herrera, chief executive officer for Sparq Natural Gas, and Nathan Moles, representing CNG Preferred Service, LLC, both of Oklahoma City.

Herrera said preliminary testing at the landfill shows 1,100 SCF a day with 64 percent methane coming out of the landfill.

Under the memorandum of understanding, Herrera said two more tests will be done in March and June. If the tests are positive, Herrera said the company can begin to design the system. The methane would be drawn from the landfill, processed and refined into natural gas and injected into a 10-mile pipeline.

Herrera said 18 wells connected together would be located at the site. He said Sparq is talking with OG&E about the possibility of using their existing right-of-way for the pipeline.

There are 85 such landfill biomethane systems in the country and only three in Oklahoma, Herrera said.

Through the understanding, the Authority would be the landowner where the landfill biomethane equipment will be located and entitled to receive just consideration for land use rights, and an ongoing variable royalty payment as just consideration for landfill improvements and investments.

According to information supplied by Sparq, methane could be used for pipeline gas, vehicle fueling stations, electricity or industrial purposes.

Herrera said he would like to come back to the Authority in August. If it is determined the landfill is a suitable site, the Authority and the company could enter into a finalized agreement and construction at the site could begin within 150 days. If it is determined the site is not suitable, the memorandum of understanding would terminate.

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