Bogart Stash readies to dispense medical weed

City officials have indicated there could be as many as five or six medical marijuana dispensaries in Sallisaw, but Bogart Stash is the first.

Bogart Stash owner Gary Forrest has set up shop at 1513 W. Chickasaw, in the West End Shopping Center just off Kerr Blvd. in Sallisaw. The dispensary will officially open on Monday, Jan. 14, according to spokesman Jansen Reese.

Reese said the business will be a full service dispensary, offering cannabis products such as flower, concentrates and edibles, plus CBD products that do not contain any THC, and smoking accessories.

Originally from Roland, Reese said he and Forrest attempted to open a dispensary in Roland, but found the regulations there too complex and decided on Sallisaw. However, someone else has opened a dispensary in Roland.

“Sallisaw was fantastic to work with,” Reese said. “We started to open one in Roland, but decided on Sallisaw.”

Following state law, Reese said Bogart Stash made application through the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) and paid the required $2,500 licensing fee and another $600 for Sallisaw's fee.

“We're pleased with our location. We wanted something clean that people could walk into and they wouldn't think it was a shady place,” Reese said.

Bogart Stash is basically a one-on-one operation, Reese said. You must be 18 years of age and have a valid state identification to enter the building.

“If you plan on purchasing any marijuana (THC), you have to have an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card. Everything is verified through the OMMA so we know if it's a valid card,” Reese said.

Bogart Stash is divided into two separate rooms. Reese said as long as a customer is 18 years of age, they can purchase products in the front section, none of which contain any THC.

To enter the back room for a one-on-one session, which usually means one customer at a time enters the back section, you must have the valid medical marijuana card. The back section has displays of the various marijuana strains, edible with THC. All the CBD products do not contain THC, Reese said.

The customer is then shown various samples in sample jars, which the customer can see and smell but are not allowed to touch, Reese said.

“There will be bud tenders, similar to bartenders, that have product knowledge that are based on a medical condition,” Reese said. “Our products can only be from licensed growers and processors. Everything has to be grown and processed in Oklahoma. Our grower is in LeFlore County, in Spiro.”

Under the sample displays, Reese said larger jars contain amounts of the product on display that can be weighed in front of the customer so they can see what they are getting. Larger amounts such as a half-ounce or ounce will be retrieved from a secured storage area.

“We have flowers, edibles, concentrates and clone plants for sale. The clone plants are, basically, seedlings. Customers with medical marijuana cards are allowed to have six seedlings and six adult plants to grow. All our packaging is child resistant packaging and labeled,” Reese said. “We are trying to make it as comfortable as possible and to show nothing shady is going on. We're going to try to stay upper scale and keep prices low.”

Pricing on some of the products will be determined by the strain of the plant, he said.

According to OMMA figures as of this week, there have been 35,802 patients approved in the state. Reese said they will also help customers in filling out applications for their card. After a doctor has recommended a patient for a card, they can make application for the medical marijuana card through OMMA's website.

Bogart Stash is on Facebook and listed in the Weedmaps app, which can be used to find information and product, Reese said.

When Bogart Stash opens its doors, the hours will be Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The business will be closed Sundays.

There are an estimated 90 medical conditions that qualify for a patient to receive a medical marijuana card upon the recommendation of a a doctor qualified and registered with the OMMA.

According to state law, a person who possesses a medical marijuana license can consume marijuana legally, possess up to six mature plants, six seedlings, possess one once of concentrated marijuana, possess 72 ounces of edible marijuana and legally possess up to eight (8) ounces of marijuana in their residence.

If approved by the OMMA, a license will be good for two years and the application fee  will be $100, or $20 for individuals on Medicaid, Medicare or SoonerCare. The state will keep on record a digital photograph of the license holder; the expiration date of the license; the county where the card was issued; and a unique 24-character identification number assigned to the license.

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