Bryan Caviness

Bryan Caviness is helping to make a growing popular sport even more popular, especially in Sequoyah County.

Caviness loves the sport of Cornhole, a game which is similar to pitching horseshoes because almost the same rules apply, he said.

“I’ve been playing about five or six years. It’s something me and my buddies wanted to do especially during this time of the virus, we can all get outdoors and play Cornhole,” he said.

Caviness said the object of the game is to score 21 or over and is played on a board with bags which scores similar to horseshoe pitching.

“If your bag lands on the board you score a point but if you throw the bag in the hole, you can score three. There’s also a chance to eliminate your opponents score. Ive only played competitively for the past few years. The games which are sanctioned give you the op-portunity to score your way into the competitions,” Caviness said.

Caviness said the game involves playing singles (one person competing other singles) or doubles (partners.)

“We use as many boards that are needed so there’s more than one game going at a time,” he said.

Caviness said he belongs to a group called the “Black Diamond Baggers.” He said the group will be a part of a league which begins Sept. 16 at the Brent Community Center for anyone wanting to participate.

“I think the best part of Cornhole is the comaraderie of everyone who comes together to play. Everyone helps those who are just beginning and we all just have a good time,” he said. “We invite anyone to come out and join us.”

Recently the group held a benefit Cornhole tournament in Sallisaw and raised money for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association.)

“The firemen could not get out there and raise money as they normally do on Labor Day weekend so we helped raise money for them. It’s just something we do. When someone needs help, we hold a tournament and try to raise money for them,” he said.

Caviness and his family moved to Sallisaw in 2015. He said his wife, Jena, has family in Sequoyah County and they wanted to move closer to them.

“I also love the feeling of living in a small town. I love being able to walk through town and see some familiar faces. It’s not something you can do in most towns these days but you can in Sallisaw,” Caviness said.

The couple has two children who are also getting into playing Cornhole. Caviness said he also enjoys softball and supports his children when they play.

“I bought the kids their own boards. My wife enjoys playing also so it’s becoming a family thing. She actually throws better than me,” he said, laughing.

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