Collision lands one in jail, sends another to hospital

A car/Moped collision about 8 a.m. Thursday morning landed one man in the hospital and another being arrested and facing at least five charges.

Jerry Ball, 69, was traveling west on a Moped on Creek Street in Sallisaw when he attempted to make a left hand turn onto Oak Street and was struck from behind by a vehicle being driven by David Monroe Isbell, 38, also of Sallisaw, according to a report filed by Sallisaw Officer Mark Rutherford.

Isbell was traveling behind Ball when Ball turned on his signal to make a left turn.When Ball slowed to make the turn, Rutherford said Isbell's vehicle struck him from behind. Ball was thrown onto the hood of Isbell's car and then thrown onto the ground.

Rutherford said when he arrived at the scene of the accident, a man was lying on the ground and another male standing next to the car speaking to a member of the sheriff's office. A young child was inside the car.

When he started questioning Isbell, Rutherford said Isbell had uncontrollable body movements. “I then asked him if he had taken anything that would impair his ability to function or operate a motor vehicle and he said no,” Rutherford said in his report.

Rutherford said Isbell was unable to perform several sobriety tests satisfactorily and still had uncontrollable body movement and told Rutherford at one point he only had two toes on his right foot. However, Rutherford said Isbell continually used his arms to balance himself and asked him again if had used any illegal narcotics such as meth or anything.

He finally said that he had used meth and taken a Xanax. First it was on Friday, then it ended up being possibly Monday or Tuesday. He told me that he was talking to a counselor and that he told him to use something so he could get into rehab...they would not take him if he was sober,” Rutherford's report said.

At that time, Rutherford said he placed Isbell under arrest for DUI. At that time, Rutherford said Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane told him he thought Isbell  was trying to hide something in the vehicle when he first walked up. The accident occurred in front of the sheriff's office.

During an inventory search of Isbell's vehicle, Rutherford said he found a cigarette package that contained a plastic baggie that contained a white crystalline substance. The substance later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Rutherford said he learned Isbell was on probation at the county and had a urine test performed on him at the hospital. He said Isbell tested positive for methamphetamines, amphetamines and THC, all illegal narcotics.

Ball was taken to Northeastern Health Systems – Sequoyah and later transferred to Hillcrest in Tulsa in stable condition in intensive care, suffering from head injuries.

Isbell is being charged with driving under the influence, causing break bodily injury, child endangerment for having his minor child in the vehicle while intoxicated, possession of controlled dangerous substance, meth, possession of paraphernalia and failure to devote full time attention in an accident.

As of Monday, Isbell was being held without bond pending further investigation byh the Sallisaw Police Department.

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