Crime spree leads to possible 19 charges

A Fort Smith man is being held in the Sequoyah County Detention Center on at least 19 separate offenses that included everything from burglary and auto theft to drunkenness and vandalism, following a crime wave through areas around Vian Saturday (Nov. 9).

The spree, that started with a call to authorities about 3:10 p.m., had deputies and Vian police responding to calls in different areas around Vian.

Being charged with a variety of offenses is Randy Lee Treadaway, 44, according to an incident report filed by Sequoyah County Deputy Travis Gabbert. Treadaway remained in the Sequoyah County Detention Center as of press time Tuesday. He was expected to appear for arraignment today (Wednesday).

Gabbert said he was dispatched to the truck wash just south of Vian in reference to a stolen 1979 black GMC pickup. While in route, Gabbert said he and Vian Officer Dana Acree were notified by dispatch that the truck in question had been spotted headed north through Vian.

A short time later, Gabbert said in his report he and Acree were notified a call had come in that an older model Chevy or GMC truck had just left a residence west of Vian headed toward Vian on U.S. Highway 64. The caller reported the truck had done “donuts” in their yard.

After being unable to locate the truck, Gabbert said he met with the party that had reported the pickup stolen. He said Aaron Martin told him a white male came walking up from the east and got into his mother's 1979 black GMC pickup and drove toward Vian.

“Mr. Martin reported that the white male told him that he was taking my truck because he did not want to go back to jail, then drove off toward Vian,” Gabberts said.

Acree called and told Gabbert she was out talking to some people that had a photo of the truck that was doing donuts in the yard west of Vian. The truck had been abandoned at Sequoyah Street in Vian. It was the truck reported stolen by Martin.

When he approached the truck in the driveway on Sequoyah Street, Gabbert said the truck was still running. After talking to the homeowners inside their residence, James and Wanda Smith., Gabbert said, “James advised me the truck running in the driveway showed up about 15 minutes ago and when he went outside to see who it was, the older black truck was still running and his 2018 Red GMC truck was missing from the driveway where he had parked it.”

Gabbert then received another call from dispatch saying a four-wheeler was just stolen from a residence just outside of Vain, and left at the residence where the four-wheeler was stolen was the newer model red GMC pickup.

Gabbert reported that he had Acree get James Smith to get his red pickup while he, Gabbert drove Martin to get his black pickup which was sitting at the Smith residence.

The deputy said he then went to where the red pickup had been left and talked to Lyndon Ellis whose four-wheeler had been stolen, and Ellis told him he thought he heard the four-wheeler in a field to the northwest. However, Gabbert said he was unable to hear the four-wheeler.

A short time later, Gabbert said Acree radioed him that she was in pursuit of the stolen four-wheeler and was coming around the loop , back in front of the Ellis residence. Gabbert said when he assisted Acree and attempted to stop the four-wheeler, the subject identified as Treadaway, ran the four-wheeler into his unit and got stuck briefly. Gabbert said the four-wheeler became unstuck as he was exiting his unit and the four-wheeler struck his vehicle again on the driver's side as he, Gabbert, jumped out of the way.

During a continued pursuit, Gabbert said he passed Officer Acree and Treadaway on the four-wheeler and managed to funnel the four-wheeler into some small saplings where it became stuck. When Treadaway got off the four-wheeler, Gabbert said he ordered Treadaway to the ground and placed him under arrest.

In a subsequent search of Treadaway's body, Gabbert said he found a key ring with a GMC key, a Key FOB and a gold-colored key and two other gold-colored Master keys, a pair of pliers, change, a lighter, a silver watch band connector, a ZTE cell phone, a brown wallet with miscellaneous cards, including three debit/ credit cards with the name Payton M. Goins.

“Treadaway was acting lethargic and I asked Treadaway what he was on and his response was heroin, at which time I called for an ambulance to check him out. I then asked Deputy Dobbs to go get Mr. Ellis, the owner of the four-wheeler, to come and retrieve it,” Gabbert said.

He said when Ellis arrived he told him he was at the store and the suspect asked him for directions and was driving the same red GMC pickup Ellis had found parked at his driveway.

EMTs checked Treadaway and transported him to the emergency room for further testing, escorted by Deputy Dobbs.

Gabbert said he was then dispatched to the Lindsey Loyd residence just outside of Vian in reference to a stolen tractor, Mrs. Loyd reported her tractor had been stolen and she tracked it in the wet grass and mud to a location near Interstate

40. The tractor was stuck in the mud behind a silver Ford F150.

Gabbert said an examination of the license plate showed the plates did not belong to the truck and two other license plates were found inside the vehicle that both belonged to F150 Ford trucks, one out of Oklahoma and the other out of Arkansas.

The silver truck traced back to a truck stolen out of Fort Smith, Gabbert said.

Gabbert said in searching the pickup he found three Honda generators, a welder and generator, a concrete saw, a large tool chest, a silver watch band with a missing watch band connector, a silver watch band, a small tool box, extension cords, several bags containing clothes, bolt cutters and multiple pawn receipts in the name of Randy Treadaway.

Another victim reported later that night that a white male driving an older, dark-colored GMC pickup had gone through his shop and pickup and had come to his door asking for a ride to the hospital. While he was getting ready to leave, the victim said the male drove away.

Gabbert said he learned the debit/ credit cards belonging to Payton M. Goins were stolen from a residence in Barling, Ark.

Treadaway is facing charges of larceny, several vehicle thefts, burglary, breaking and entering, vandalism and destruction of property, drunkenness, disorderly conduct and other non-traffic offenses.

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