Gay would like track re-opened

The thing that prompted Philip Gay to run for the office of Ward 2 on the Sallisaw Board of Commissioners is that he just doesn't like what is going on in city government.

Gay mixes a little bit of the old with the new in explaining what he would like to see for the City of Sallisaw. On one hand, Gay harkens back to the old days of Sallisaw, but on the other he wants to see the city move forward.

“I would like to see some new businesses come in here. I've been told some have been trying to come in, but those already here don't want the competition,” Gay said. “We need to get some jobs in here. Both my kids had to leave to find work. Kids are having to move away.”

Gay said he has heard some talk about the work force being undereducated, but points to the fact that Sallisaw has a college and trade school here. “We just need to get the jobs so they can stay,” he said.

“I would like to see the race track re-opened. If Texas shuts down their racing we would benefit greatly. There is no place for bottom line horses to race. Not everybody can afford those high-dollar horses. I think we could get race days, and I would like to see them take that infield and build a platform to have concerts. I believe that would also help pull it (the track) back up,” Gay said.

Gay said the city needs to focus on getting more entertainment, or things to do for kids in the city and the adults as well. “When I was growing up we had a skating rink, a theater, game rooms, all sorts of things,” he said. In that regard, Gay said he would like to see the proposed splash pad located near the swimming pool, and see the pool replaced or updated.

Gay, who has lived in Sallisaw all his life, graduated from Sallisaw High School in 1973.

“We went to state playoffs every year I played football. I played with Steve Davis and his brother George. My dad was a police officer here in the 60s and he was on the city council. I just love this town, and I would like to see it prosper. I would just ask that people get out and vote.”

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