Roland’s approval of bond would build event center, shelter

If Roland residents pass a bond for two propositions totaling a little over $9 million on March 5, the school will not only get a multi-faceted event center built for sports and a place to showcase other school-related activities, but also an F5 storm shelter for the community.

“We’re excited about this and hoping it passes,” Randy Wood, Roland School superintendent, said.

Wood said there are two proposals on the ballot.

Proposition1in the sum of $9,040,000 will provide funds for the event center and storm shelter, plus other constructive repairs or additions for the school and proposition 2 for $160,000 will be used to purchase two buses with cameras.

“If this passes, the money will become available this summer and we can get started on the project,” Wood said.

Wood provided a fact sheet he said he hopes would help voters understand the bond propositions.

The fact sheet states:

“On March 5, Roland School District is seeking to pass a bond to insure that our students will not only be housed and transported in safe and secure environments, but are also able to showcase their talents in an event center that aids and assists our community as well through its many possible uses.

“Projects included in this bond are Proposition 1, an event center that is an F5 FEMA 361 rated tornado shelter with a capacity of 3,500 people, roof repairs, two passenger vans, aluminum bleachers at the football stadium and a softball dressing facility. Proposition 2 will be for two buses with cameras.

“Our tax increase will be 8.26 percent which means for homeowners that for every $1,000 in property tax that is paid, the increase will be $82.61 per year or $6.88 per month. An increase for $100 would be a monthly increase of 69 cents, according to an impact to the taxpayer sheet.

“Roland’s millage at this time is 13.1 and will increase to 20.01 with the passage of the bond. Surrounding communities millages are Sallisaw-17.62, Vian-19.25 and Gore-27.62.

“If these proposals pass, monies will be available in June 2019 to repair roofs, replace bleachers, purchase vans and begin construction on softball complex and event center.

“The proposed event center, which will seat 1,425 people for events and will be located near the high school. Two areas are being considered by the architect, who represents an Oklahoma based company, specializing in the building of monolithic domes. Our current gym will remain in use so that we will have more areas available for our students and for our community for multiple purposes.

“In the case of severe weather, the event center will be opened by one of the following entities: Roland; Police Department, first responders or school personnel, and pets in pet carriers will be welcome.”

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