Vian seeks bond approval for new ag building

Public Meeting Set For Feb. 20

Vian Public School District is hoping voters will approve a single proposition in a special election set for March 5, which will approve the issuance of bonds in the amount of $905,000 to fund constructing, equipping, repairing and remodeling school build ings, acquiring furniture, fixtures and equipment, along with acquiring and improving school sites by levying and collecting an annual tax.

Vian School Superintendent Victor Salcedo said a public meeting has been scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, in the high school cafetorium to discuss the proposition, which includes building a new Ag facility with an Ag barn and classrooms, and will include Ag equipment and materials to be used in the classroom. Salcedo said he and Vian Ag teacher Trent Trotter will both be on hand to answer any questions at the meeting.

“A new Ag building would increase the square footage for the Ag program that is outgrowing their current building,” Salcedo said. “Ag student numbers are increasing each year and they're one of the biggest classes/organizations on campus. It would bring it all up-to-date.”

The bonds would bear interest not exceeding 10 percent per annum, pay able semi-annually and would be due within 10 years.

Salcedo said the new Ag facility would be relocated to where the bus barn currently sits, allotting more space and the bus barn would be moved to another location.

“It will be more than just an Ag building, it will be a community building, too,” he said. “It can be used for other projects that the kids and faculty can use, and provide leadership and vocational training as well.”

Salcedo said the current Ag building was built around 1980, making it almost 40 years old and in need of electrical work.

The new facility would provide a safe haven for students to house their show animals and Ag projects, while also providing better security and accessibility.

“I'm excited to know that we can provide a facility because we are successful and growing,” he said. “And the kids need it.”

Salcedo said anyone with question can contact him at the school at 918-773-5798.

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