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On the Web: • • At the library: • “Natural Phenomena: Northern Lights” by Ben McClanahan

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When an aurora is seen from space, it often looks like a circle around one of the poles. photo courtesy NASA
photo by Alison Tomlin
image courtesy NOAA

Fantastic Lights

Imagine looking up and seeing bright, colorful streamers of light waving in the night sky. These waves of colored light in the north are called the aurora borealis (uh-ROAR-uh bore-ee-AH-lus),

Warranty Deeds

Recorded Dec. 20, 2019 to Jan. 2, 2020 WD: Warranty Deeds JTWD: JointTenancy Warranty Deeds QCD: Quit Claim Deeds GWD: General Warranty Deed CORP.WD: Corporation Warranty Deed SPEC.CORP.WD: Special Corporation

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